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     Almost two million visitors adventure to this picturesque countryside to enjoy its history and beauty.  Many thousands visit by motorcycle.  Gettysburgtrips.com specializes in motorcycle tours led exclusively by members of America’s oldest guiding institution, the U. S. Licensed Battlefield Guides.    Our guides have passed one of the nation’s most rigorous tests to qualify.  They are highly trained, experienced, and professionally qualified to enrich your visit.
    If you want to enhance your understanding of this epic battle, guided tours are the most efficient way to get quality time from your visit and focus on the best this area has to offer.  

                                              Special Announcement

We’re back at Gettysburg Bike Week 2014!!!  We are again offering a four-day marathon of scheduled 2-hour motorcycle tours in cooperation with Gettysburg Bike Week 2014 July 10th-13th. You may buy tickets at the Battlefield Tour tent located at the Gettysburg Bike Week Granite Hill event site.  Tour group sizes are limited, however, and you may wish to purchase advance tickets.  See tour start times and reservation information.

                                  For non Gettysburg Bike Week tours                                 
We arrange the tour according to your needs at the convenience of your group. Tell us where to meet, the tour start time, and duration of the tour. For details, check out the rest of this site for tour specifics, fees, and reservations.


                     For car/van tours with a Licensed Battlefield Guide
                                                    call (717) 337-1709